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Historical posters to raise awareness about COVID-19; 2020 ongoing

A Decameron for the Coronavirus Era: TEN DAYS
[21st-century plague tales]

I created a 21st-century Decameron, published on HILOBROW, and recruited 10 other authors and artists to participate. I also created neo-14c digital woodcuts to accompany each tale. April 2020

New: Ptolomea
[Field recordings for the Ninth Circle of Hell]

Ptolomea, a soundpiece for Cities and Memory Inferno - creating Dante's vision of Hell in sound, to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Dante's Inferno. November 2020

A soundwalk in lockdown New York City
[Field recordings from the virus crisis]

Sounds captured during several walks around lockdown Manhattan during the COVID-19 crisis. March 2020

Maybe Silence
[a microessay on #lockdown NYC]

A microessay of quarantine listening, published on 433 Moments of Silence. "What are these, and who are we, these invisible and unheard connections, that we only really notice when they stop?" May 2020

Viruses on blankets
[media, mixed]

Coronavirus, 8' x 6' charcoal, acrylic and wax on blanket;
Virus series created in response to Lord Jeffrey Amherst and the first documented, intentional use of biological warfare in the Americas.

[Shackleton tweets his adventures in Antarctica; 2014-16]

[Adele Hugo tweets her weird and tragic life; 2009-2010]

New Media and Film
[storytelling and technology]

Walking Tours
[audio, maps]

Sound Art
[soundscapes, field recordings, noise music]

Paintings & Drawings
[media, mixed]

Essays & Reviews
[art, technology and the virtual life]

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