Experiments with sound


Salton Sea

A soundscape for the Salton Sea (17 mins)

This photo by Lauren Pond is a study in contrasts: a stunning-looking natural environment, the Salton Sea is a major stop for migratory birds on the Pacific flyway, yet full of toxic chemicals and increasing salination from agricultural runoff. The photo embodies these contrasts with an austere beauty: the precise details of the pelican and the other water birds against an unearthly silver that signals the uneasiness within. Salton Sea draws on both aspects, the formal beauty and the growing toxicity under the surface.

Track was created for Cities and Memory's Global Sound Photography Project (2018)

Listen here: Salton Sea


A piece for voices

A piece for voices (25 mins)

A piece for voices features poems read by the authors and others, going in and out of sync, and mixing with the sounds of nature and the tinny static of handheld transistor radios. It was composed for The Dark. Outside, a 24-hour radio broadcast in Galloway Forest Park in SW Scotland, September 23-24, 2017, in association with Sanctuary Lab.

Poets featured: M. L. Harrison, Erin Belieu, Adrian Matejka, Russell Bennetts, A. A. Ammons, and C. P. Cavafy.

Readers: M. L. Harrison, Erin Belieu, Adrian Matejka, Russell Bennetts, Shuwei Fang, Peggy Nelson, Mackenzie Nelson, Joshua Nelson, Aizan Radzi, Maari Carter, and Brandi Nicole Martin.

Track was included in The Dark. Outside (2017)
Extended version was broadcast on Radiophrenia FM (2017)

Listen here: A piece for voices


A field in Iceland

A field in Iceland (30 mins)

A field in Iceland — it's a composite, as are all things. All these sounds were there, but not all of them I heard; and of the ones I heard, not all of them were there. Contact mics on birch branches, fence wires, antennae; hydrophones buried in a black sand beach; the faint doppler of a single car on a road in the middle distance, in the not-quite-dusk of a not-quite-night. Icebergs melting and crinkling in a freezing lagoon; plovers and snipe rolling in the air. Added in from elsewhere are earworms from Newcastle and Greenwich, as well as glitched-up misremembered phrases from here and there.

Track was broadcast on Radiophrenia FM (2016)

Listen here: A field in Iceland

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Sonic and media collaborations between Peggy Nelson and Jimmy Kipple Sound


Meet the new flesh, same as the old flesh

A suite for the end of analogue TV (25 mins)

Meet the new flesh, same as the old flesh is a suite composed for the end of analogue television in the UK, and remixes samples from old TV shows, soundtracks, news and advertising, with machine static and audio transmission errors. A collaboration with Jimmy Kipple Sound, it was included in the Analogue is Not Digital festival in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, and broadcast on BASIC.FM.

A collaboration between Peggy Nelson (NTSC) and Jimmy Kipple Sound(PAL)
Track was included in Analogue is Not Digital (2012)

Listen here: NTSCPAL

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Experimental / Noise music / Field recordings

Field recordings, electronic experiments, spoken word, and all things audio



In which a backyard goldfinch and the Voyager One space probe are seen to have more than a little in common

The rising tones of the space plasma recorded by Voyager reminded me of a territorial goldfinch I had recorded this summer, so I dropped him in. He's in there as is, and also processed, stretched and filtered in Audacity and GarageBand. The space plasma sounds are as is and have not been processed - basically the goldfinch is the entire environment in which the space sounds are embedded. (Plus some instructions from an ATM ;) I also liked the gold repetition - goldfinch, golden record on the spacecraft, and the particular gold of our sun, & its furthest reaches.

Listen to featured track: Goldfinch@Heliopause

Goldfinch@Heliopause included in Earscape:Stellar, Framework Radio

Listen to more: otolythe on Soundcloud



The cathode ray and the vertical hold

Sound reworked from an interview with David Attenborough; animated gif created from stills from Stephan Tillmans' Light Point Arrays (still photographs which capture the exact second in which tube televisions are switched off and the image breaks down).

Listen to featured track: Television

Listen to more: otolythe on Soundcloud



In ye olden days, approving audiences would hum.

This piece is based on hums, about 25 layers of a single recording of a group of 4 humming in a dilapidated shed, making 100 hums in total. Also layered in are multiple layers of a didgeridoo, some drumming on a plastic knickknack case, and walking along Walden Pond. Basically though, it's hums.

Listen to featured track: Hums

Listen to more: otolythe on Soundcloud

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p a t z r r a d i o podcasts

100 seconds, every 10 days, created and hosted by Jimmy Kipple Sound


Guest p a t z r

Ongoing periodic guest contributions to p a t z r r a d i o podcast

episode forty-eight / sounds gathered at Bobby Fischer's grave / Laugardælir churchyard near Selfoss, Iceland 08 June 2016 / a small, quiet place with no one around / suddenly, two grave-diggers appeared, ancient and adolescent, and with heavy shovels and picks got to work in the back / snipes diving above / and a dandelion left

p a t z r r a d i o podcasts created and hosted by: Jimmy Kipple Sound

Listen to episode 48-a: A flower for Bobby Fischer

Listen to more guest p a t z r tracks: Special guest p a t z r