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Tweeting daily from Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914, to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of events. The project used primary sources, curated for social media post lengths.

From the project site...
In 1914, a band of seasoned explorers set out for the last continent on earth, Antarctica. Their goal, to traverse the unmapped interior. Their plan, a pincer movement advancing from the Ross and Weddell seas. Their route, to pass the South Pole on their way to the unknown.
They never made it. This is their story.

@EShackleton on Twitter
Companion blog:

Symposium presentation in Oslo, Norway: South Pole-sium 3


Featured: In Search of Adele H
(Twitter movie)

2009 - 2010

A Twitter movie about Adele Hugo - the historical person, the film, the madness, the fiction. The 'movie' was text-based and comprised of Twitter posts, with additional short videos, images, music, and blog posts; its form inspired by the 'index-card paintings' of the Fluxus Movement.

In Search of AdeleH's Twitter
In Search of AdeleH's Tumblr


Zamyatinbot (bot)


A bot tweeting non-sequential keywords from chapters
of Yevgeny Zamyatin's novel We.

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A shadow of a doubt


Soundtracks for animated gifs.

Included in: Gifbites/Bitrates
Shiraz Art House, Shiraz, Iraq.

Listen here: A shadow of a doubt


#scryberspace (Twitter oracle)


The online oracle. Let John Dee assist you in your search.

Project website: #scryberspace
John Dee on Twitter: @scryberspace

Project description on: HiLobrow
Review on Gearfuse: Art-Hacking the Search Experience


Ballardbot (bot)


A bot tweeting non-sequential numbers & chapter headings
from all the novels of J. G. Ballard.

A collaboration between
Peggy Nelson and Jimmy Kipple Sound

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Merit Badges (embroidered badges)


You need them. But to get them, you must earn them.
Merit Badges on

Real badges for virtual merits. Earn, trade, sew under lapels.
Blurbed on boingboing: HiLobrow merit badges


Portrait of the Artist as Attention Span (artist-in-residence)


I was the first virtual Artist-in-Residence at
I blogged daily about art and the virtual life.

How an artist makes a living: Eloi and Morlocks

All my articles on HiLobrow


A Polyamory Primer (slideshow)


A primer about the promiscuity of information, told in PowerPoint.
Created for the Adele H project.

Watch online: A Polyamory Primer


Avatar Romance (web comic)

2008, 2018

An online comic about a love triangle between Second Life avatars and Facebook. Originally created as an iGoogle dynamic theme, it was recently updated for Queen Mob's Tea House.

Videogames and Loneliness on Queen Mob's Tea House

Read comic: Avatar Romance


Jazzed Up! (web comic)


An online comic about a proposed global merger between retail giants.

Read comic: Jazzed Up!


Filmstrip (film)


An educational filmstrip for young adults about the perils and absurdities of modern relationships. Using the imagery and format of 1960s elementary school filmstrips, Filmstrip tackles infidelity, open relationships, California, Burning Man: all those things you wish you had been taught in school.
5 min.

SXSW, 2006
19th Annual Dallas Video Festival, 2006
Santa Cruz Film Festival V, 2006
Boston Cinema Census 5, 2006

Filmstrip IMDB page: IMDB

See more of my films: otolythe on Vimeo


Jump! (music video)


Music video. An acoustic version of the Van Halen classic, suitable for children.
3 min.

Guitar and vocals: Jeff Stern

Watch film on Vimeo: Jump!

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Scorpio (film)


Did you ever feel like people are stealing all your great ideas? Paranoia, lists, and tinfoil hats. Guest starring the Scorpion Bagel.
7 min.

Watch film on Vimeo: Scorpio

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Anamnesis (film)


A comedy about the gnosis of memory, featuring a girls' night in with Quartermass and the Pit.
6 min.

Watch film on Vimeo: Anamnesis

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Audience (interactive projection and performance)


An interactive video and sound piece that asks: what if the movie is watching you? An infrared camera was pointed at the audience and live footage projected onscreen, while a soundtrack of squeaky movie seats, coughing and rustling was played. Audience response was to do "the wave."
5 min.

Projected / Performed at Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline, MA, 2005.


Selling the Number One (1) (online auction)


EBay auction to sell the number One (1).
Text from item for sale: You've always wanted to be number one. Why not own it? Bid now for your chance to own The Number One (1), the integer we all know and love: it's rational, it's positive, it's very real.
And it can be yours. Be the first, literally, to own the first.

Item sold on eBay for $11.11, on April 11, 2005.


Covers (installation)


Graffiti-style photographic installations that place a Polaroid of the thing, on the thing. Various locations in and around Boston.


Apples (installation)


A street installation in which apples were hung with fishing line on all the trees on my block, OderbergerStr., Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.