[[ holding pen for otolythe art & sound ]]

Salton Sea
[soundscape for Sound Photography, curated by Cities & Memory, 2018]

Glitch Enlightenment
[animated banner, Queen Mob's Tea House, winter 2017-2018]

a piece for voices
[soundscape/poems broadcast at The Dark. Outside festival, 9/23/17]
[extended version broadcast on Radiophrenia FM, 11/18/17]

[the adventures of South Pole explorer Ernest Shackleton]
[a day-by-day retelling for the 100-year anniversary of events]

Paintings & Drawings
[media, mixed]

[soundscapes, field recordings and noise musics]

[found footage, experimental, animation]

A Field in Iceland
[soundscape broadcast on Radiophrenia FM, 9/3/16]

NTSC&PAL: Meet the new flesh, same as the old flesh
[a radio suite for the end of analogue TV, for BASIC.fm]
[collaboration with jimmy kipple sound]

[guest episodes for p a t z r_r a d i o :: noise/sound_art]

Gifbites/Bitrates: A shadow of a doubt
[soundtracks for animated gifs, premiered Shiraz, Iraq, 2014]

[Arts editor 2010-2012, Artist-in-Residence 2009]
Berfrois [Literature | Ideas | Tea]
Nieman Storyboard, Hvd School of Journalism
Brattle Theater Film Blog
Craig Baldwin's OtherZine

Conceptual merit badges
[embroidered scout badges for contemporary art]

Filmstrip: an animated short
[premiered at SXSW 2006]

Avatar Romance
[an iGoogle banner comic strip]
[featured in Queen Mob's Tea House, 2018]

[chapter titles from all J. G. Ballard novels, randomized]
[collaboration with jimmy kipple sound]

[keywords from Yevgeny Zamyatin's We, randomized]

[John Dee, Twitter oracle]

[In Search of Adele H, Twitter novel]

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